Introducing The Solea Laser – Cutting Edge Dental Technology in St. Pete

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Dr. Brayer is excited to announce a major new addition to her practice, the Solea laser in July 2015. Lasers have been used for years for dental procedures; however, this particular model is a major advancement in dental laser technology. The Solea laser allows for fast, quiet and precise operation. It is FDA approved for both soft and hard tissues, and reduces the need for anesthesia by over 90%. The ease and seamlessness of using the Solea laser allows us to practice more efficient dentistry services for our customers. Because most patients will be able to get their fillings completed without numbing their teeth, we can work on multiple quadrants … Read the rest

Drs. Brayer and Phane Lead a St. Pete Beach Beach Clean Up

Drs. Brayer and Phane and the Creating Smiles Dental team lead a beach clean up on Pass-A-Grille beach last Saturday evening. We had a Facebook event and invited patients, friends, and other health care professionals in the community. Dr. Anne Hermann of Hermann Wellness came with her family. We handed out gloves and bags and families spread out to find all kinds of trash.

We gathered to share our findings. Every bag seemed to have cigarette parts, but there were many other interesting finds as well.  We gave the prize for the grossest trash to Dr. Hermann’s son for the soggy fat cigar. As health care professionals, we find cigarettes … Read the rest

St. Pete Invisalign – The Effective Alternative to Traditional Braces

Your smile is one of the first things people notice when they meet you. A wide beaming smile is inviting and friendly, and can open doors to a positive interaction. If your teeth are crooked, chances are, you spend most of your time trying to hide your teeth. Did you have braces in your youth? Have you considered having your teeth straightened again but find yourself having flashbacks of yourself with metal train tracks in the 7th grade?

Many adults have unpleasant childhood memories that involve their mouth full of metal, or friends with that same unpleasant malady of middle school. Many patients are self-conscious about traditional braces, especially … Read the rest

How to Help Tooth Pain

“Ouch!” When you’re having throbbing tooth pain, you want to find out how to relieve it — fast!  So we’re here to tell you how to help tooth pain. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a one-size-fits-all approach, because when you’re dealing with health matters, a professional needs to evaluate your tooth pain.

“When we get calls about how to help tooth pain, we take it very seriously,” says Dr. Jergins of ClearWhite Dental. “Because when you have tooth pain, it can really hinder the way you’ll function during the day. It also means that something could be wrong with your tooth or mouth health.”

ClearWhite Dental can help ease your … Read the rest

Dental Service Project: St. Pete Beach Clean Up Evening


School’s out for the summer! Are you trying to come up with ways to get your kids outside, or to be more productive, or have you wished there was a service project that was okay for kids? Well Dr. Brayer and Dr. Phane seem to be able to find ways to include their kids in service projects. Last summer, Dr. Brayer’s kids set up a neighborhood lemonade stand and donated their earnings to the Oral Cancer Foundation! Follow her on instagram to see pictures of her and her kids making sandwiches for homeless shelters and other wonderful and fun events. Being so involved can be a lot of work, so … Read the rest

Two Great Gifts in St. Pete for a Healthy Father’s Day

Two Great Gifts For a Healthy Father's Day

With the ushering in of a hot St. Pete summer this month, we also have the great joy of welcoming yet another “Funky Tie Day.” Or perhaps you know it as “The Aftershave Day”? We are of course referring to “Father’s Day,” when each year we gather together in celebration of Dads of all stripes, to thank them for everything they have done and continue to do for us. It’s a grand day, worthy of grand hugs and grand gifts. Certainly gifts better than a tie – after all, these days, a lot of people don’t even wear ties to the office! So in the spirit of dentistry, and all

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How Can Your St. Pete Dentist Help You Fight Aging?

We all think about aging. It’s obvious in our hair, our skin, and the way our bodies feel. Now, what about your teeth — how can your dentist help you fight aging?

  1. Antioxidants for Dental Health

If you are concerned about aging, you have likely heard about antioxidants. You probably eat antioxidant-rich food, and apply antioxidant-based creams to your face. Did you know that antioxidants can benefit your oral and dental health too?!

Research shows a growing list of dental health benefits from antioxidants:

  • Antioxidants offset oxidative stress of dental compounds and procedures
  • Antioxidants help healing and counter the impact of nicotine on healing
  • Topical antioxidants are effective on oral,
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What You Need to Know About Composite Fillings and Mercury Fillings

Every week, we get questions in our Clearwater dental office about composite fillings and mercury fillings. “Are mercury fillings safe?” our patients want to know. “What is a composite filling?” they ask.

“Our patients also ask us about removing mercury fillings,” says Dr. Jergins, of ClearWhite Dental. “Before I  remove mercury fillings and replace them with composite fillings, or resin composite fillings as they are also known, I like our patients to be informed.

“We do remove old silver mercury when we need to,” says Dr. Jergins.  “But it’s best not to remove it unless necessary, as the removal process actually releases more mercury in gaseous form than if the … Read the rest