Dr. Jergins says one of the best parts of his job is giving people a beautiful smile — not just an attractive smile, but one that gives them confidence.

“I have had people cry tears of joy because they could now live without wanting to hide their teeth,” says Dr. Jergins. “As a dentist, I sympathize with people who are embarrassed to smile because they don’t like their teeth. I want everyone to know that there is so much that can be done to improve their smile, again, not because it makes them a better person, but it gives them the confidence to live their lives without being self-conscious.”

Here are the steps you can take for a beautiful smile.

1. Make the Call. Deciding to do something about your smile is the first step. There is  no cost to visit Dr. Jergins for a free consultation. Find out your options for the care you need, and payment options as well. Call 727-791-8823.

2. Feel Accepted. There is no need to be embarrassed about the current condition of your smile. Dr. Jergins is so kind and has seen it all. He is a professional and will deal with your issues in that manner.

3. Have Hope. Dr. Jergins, as we have mentioned before, is a true artist. He can give you hope for a truly lovely smile.

4. It’s Never Too Late. No matter your age, imagine how much better you’ll feel with a smile you’re comfortable with. Why wait another day?

5. Imagine the Outcome. Picture yourself laughing without covering your mouth. See yourself smiling broadly. Imagine being happy about having your picture taken.

6. A True Reflection. Let your smile reflect who you really are — happy, kind, and generous.

Even if you do something as simple as teeth whitening,  you will smile with more confidence. And imagine how you would feel with beautiful veneers, teeth made straight with Invisalign, or missing teeth replaced with implants.

It’s possible! Call Dr. Jergins at ClearWhite Dental today!  He’s your best choice for a dentist in Clearwater, Florida.

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