Get The Most Out Of Your Dental Insurance

ClearWhite Dental can help you achieve dental health while maximizing the benefits you receive from your insurance plan.

You can trust ClearWhite Dental and Dr. Jergins to work with you and your insurance plan.

ClearWhite’s team is here to help you in every way possible, in filing your claims, handling insurance queries, processing follow-ups, lost claims, etc.  No question is too small for you to ask, whether it is about your treatment, benefit plan, or statement.

Our goal is to provide patients the excellent care they need.  We are happy to work with insurance plans to help them get treatment. We also have payment options, because getting treatment now is the best long term policy for saving money.

M. Bradley Jergins, DMD

Cosmetic + General Dentist

ClearWhite Accepted Insurance

Many other dental insurances fall under the umbrella of those listed here.  Do we take your insurance?  Probably!  Give us a call today!

Contact ClearWhite

ClearWhite Accepted

decare_dental_logo grey copy copy


  • DeCare Dental

ClearWhite Accepted

careington copy


  • Careington Platinum PPO
  • Careington Platinum POS


ClearWhite Accepted




  • Delta Dental Premier

ClearWhite Accepted



  • Aflac Dental
  • Consider Aflac if you do not have dental insurance and would like to obtain a private policy.


ClearWhite Accepted

cigna copy



  • Cigna Radius
  • Cigna Plus Savings
  • Cigna Dental Network Access Plan


What insurance plans do you accept?

Benefits and dental plans are determined by the type of plan chosen by yourself or your employer. Clearwhite Dental works with many different dental plans and will assist you in obtaining maximum dental benefits. Our office staff will be happy to provide a complimentary benefits check to verify the coverage that your particular program provides. Please give us a call today!

What if my dental benefit plan requires a predetermination, or prior authorization?

ClearWhite Dental will submit a treatment plan for review by your insurance carrier. However, please remember that the financial obligation for dental treatment is always between you and this office.

How can I help expedite processing of my insurance?

First, make sure that your part of the form is filled out completely and accurately.  If you direct the insurance company to pay its share of the cost directly to ClearWhite Dental, you will be expected to take care of your co-payment at the time of the visit.  Upon receipt of the insurance payment, our staff will reconcile the amount and bill, or refund, any difference.  If payment has not been received within 45 days, you will then be responsible for the balance.

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