Clearwater dentist, Dr. M. Bradley Jergins of ClearWhite Dental says there are 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile.

“There really are things you can start doing today for whiter teeth, healthier gums, and a nicer smile,” says Dr. Jergins.

So look over the list and see which ones you can do today!

7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

1. Brush ALL of Your Teeth.  It sounds obivious, but Dr. Jergins says that,  “people get set in a brushing pattern and often miss the same teeth every time.  So start in the front and work your way to the back of each quadrant of your mouth.  You can also brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand so your teeth are brushed from a different angle.

2. Go Gentle on Your Gums.  Before she married him, Dr. Jergins’ wife used to think that the best way to brush was to really saw away, thereby damaging her gums.  And, teeth with overbrushed gums just don’t look as good — not to mention healthy gums help hold teeth in place!

3.  Floss!  Your toothbrush can’t get at all of the gunk that builds up between teeth.  So when someone asks Dr. Jergins which teeth they should focus on flossing, he always answers, “The ones you want to keep!”  Plus, flossed teeth just look better.

4. No Icing.  There are not many things better than munching on some ice.  But, what’s enjoyable, in this case, can wreck your smile.  Cracked teeth, enamel loss, and more, are all a result of chomping on ice.

5. Whiten Your Teeth.  Whiter teeth make you look younger.  The best way to get whiter teeth is to come into ClearWhite Dental and have Dr. Jergins set you up with teeth whitening.  Until you can make an appointment, you can use a whitening toothpaste, if you’ve had a dental exam recently and your teeth are healthy.  Otherwise, whitening toothpastes can damage teeth and be too rough on your gums

6. Straighten Up.  Bulky braces are a thing of the past!  Let Dr. Jergins show you how Invisalign works.  He used Invisalign on his own teeth.  And, they’re reasonably priced.  We can also work with you on a payment plan.

7. Smile!  Want to improve your smile pronto?  Then smile!  Believe us, a confident, happy smile will make your whole face light up, even if your teeth are not exactly how you want them to be.  And, when you can, do come in and see Dr. Jergins.  Did you know he’s an artist?  Really!  (We’ll post some of his paintings soon.) He can do some beautiful cosmetic dentistry for you.  Here’s how he helped his own Mom with veneers.


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