Dr. Jergins made his amazing chocolate ganache cake this past weekend, and it was delicious! Today he shares five tips on how to make a chocolate ganache cake. But not just any chocolate ganache topped cake… the best chocolate ganache cake… this Bon Appetit La Bete Noire chocolate cake .


Dr. Jergins and his "assistant" prepare his favorite chocolate ganache cake.

Dr. Jergins and his “assistant” prepare his favorite chocolate ganache cake.

“The directions are pretty straightforward,” says Dr. Jergins, “but there are a few things I’ve learned about making this cake that will save you some headaches, and help you turn out a great version of this chocolate-lovers cake.”

5 Tips on How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Ganache Cake

1. Start with a great recipe. 

la bête noir cake, bon appétit chocolate cake

The Bon Appetit, La Bete Noir Chocolate Ganache Cake!

The La Bete Noire chocolate cake lives up to the Bon Appetit Magazine standards — it looks fabulous and elegant. But the beauty of this recipe is that it’s practically fail-proof. Here’s the recipe.

2. Measure first. 

how to make a chocolate ganache cake

It’s important that the parchment paper used to line the pan fits almost perfectly, says Dr. Jergins. Take a pencil and outline the bottom of your springform pan on top of a large piece of parchment paper. This will ensure that your chocolate ganache cake won’t stick to the pan.

3. Melt slowly. 

Melt the chocolate slowly

Melt the chocolate for your chocolate ganache cake slowly, on low heat.

Set your stovetop temperature on low and let your chocolate melt very slowly. If you don’t, you could scorch your chocolate. Then it’s back to the grocery store for more chocolate chips for your chocolate ganache cake masterpiece!

4. Carry carefully. 

how to make a chocolate ganache cake, clearwater dentist

After you add the water to the roasting pan, carry carefully!

When your roasting pan is full of water, with your cake pan sitting in the center, the combination is quite heavy. If you can’t carry it without sloshing the water into the cake pan, get some help. If the water does spill over into the pan, you’ll have a watery, chocolaty mess, far from the chocolate ganache cake your mouth is watering for!

5. Cool completely. 

how to make a chocolate ganache cake, clearwater dentist

Make sure the chocolate ganache cake is completely set before removing it from the pan.

The directions say to cool the cake two hours in the refrigerator. But depending on the temperature of your fridge, and how much other food is in it, it might take longer. Here’s a trick to make sure your chocolate ganache cake is ready to remove from the pan: take a butter knife and run in around the inside edge of the pan. If the knife comes out with chocolate that is any bit runny, put it back in the fridge until it is completely firm. And while we’re on the subject of cooling your chocolate ganache cake, be sure you cover it very well as chocolate can absorb the other odors in your refrigerator.

Say, "chocolate!" The ClearWhite Dental team gets ready to take a bite of chocolate heaven!

Say, “chocolate!” The ClearWhite Dental team gets ready to take a bite of chocolate heaven!

So, make your own chocolate ganache topped cake and let us know how it goes! Better yet, the next time you’re at ClearWhite Dental in Clearwater, show Dr. Jergins a photo of your creation, or bring in a piece for the staff to try. They love chocolate!

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